He Decided to Drink a Gallon of Water per Day for 30 Days: The Results Are Shocking!


He Decided to Drink a Gallon of Water per Day for 30 Days: The Results Are Shocking!

As you probably already know, water is crucial to all living things. In fact, in some organisms, more than 90% of their weight comes from water. The human adult body contains 60% of water. Water is important because it helps the body function properly.

Namely, a guy decided to make the water gallon challenge and he also published the details of his 30 day challenge on Thrillist. His experience is really amazing!

This was his story:

“I was stuck on a listless 6 train in NYC 50ft underground, holding on to a gallon jug of water I’d been carrying all day. It was the most intense pressure my bladder has ever been under, the hardest I’ve ever had to pee in my entire life. Such is the kidney popping life you lead when you are drinking glass after glass after glass of H2O.

When I agreed to drink a gallon of water a day, every day, for a month-or, what is commonly known as the Water Gallon Challenge, I expected positive results: better skin, more energy, a girthier penis. And, I got some of those things, which is tight. But, it was also way, way, way more cumbersome than I ever could have imagined. You like, really have to try hard to drink a gallon of water a day. But I did it anyway, mostly because my company literally paid me to do it, but also, because I wanted to learn something along the way. Allow me to extol my newfound aquatic knowledge to you, dear, probably, dehydrated, reader.”

The first day

He goes on to explain that he usually didn’t consume a gallon of liquid. And, he had no idea how many cups are there in a gallon as he probably skipped that day inn fourth grade to go to SeaWorld. Therefore, he decided that the best way to do this is to get a big jug of water and carry it with him all day, which was pretty weird, right?

It was harder than he expected. At 11:30 pm he sat down and focused on drinking water in order to reach his daily quota. Moreover, he had to commit his body and soul to the purpose of drinking-just-to-drink.

The fifth day: peeing every 20 minutes

Furthermore, he explained that he likes to drink water. Hence, according to him, his body, and probably everyone else’s, is 60% water, but, no person drinks a gallon of water per day. He added that he didn’t felt differently, but only full all the time. And, as a result, he ate less, and, what’s more, he peed every 20 minutes! Everyone at work thought he had some drug problem as he was constantly in and out of the bathroom.

The tenth day: better looking

He began waking up more energetic than previously, and he considers himself much better looking in general, than before the challenge.

The fifteenth day: a ball of energy

After 2 weeks of the challenge, he barely drank coffee. When he went running in the evenings, he felt faster, and, what’s more, his sleep became more consistent. At this point, he felt thirsty whenever he was not drinking water.

Twentieth day: people said he seemed happier

According to him, this may be true, and maybe he was actually feeling happier.

Twenty-fifth day: a better person

After 20 days, he was still peeing frequently and his urine was always crystal clear. According to his girlfriend, his skin was much clearer and he appeared much more energetic. At this point, he no longer struggled to drink the amount, but drinking it became a part of him.

Thirtieth day: clear urine

At the final day of the challenge he still urinated a lot and was thirsty the whole time. However, he said that a gallon of water is still a bit excessive, but what it helped him realize was the fact that he hadn’t been drinking enough water.

All in all, he says that he wouldn’t recommend this challenge to anyone as it is not easy and one has to be prepared well. One thing’s for sure, he recommends that we need to drink more water because it will make us feel and look better!